Flap Flap for Windows 10

Flap Flap for Windows 10

Average Flappy Bird clone game

Flap Flap is a clone of the Flappy Bird game that went viral and then got withdrawn on iOS.
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  • Similar playability to Flappy Bird
  • Use Mouse, Touchpad or Keyboard
  • Easy mode if you're struggling


  • Not as addictive as Flappy Bird

Not bad

Flap Flap is a clone of the Flappy Bird game that went viral and then got withdrawn on iOS.

Exactly the same gameplay as Flappy Bird

Flap Flap follows exactly the same format as Flappy Bird - just click your mouse, hit your Touchpad or hit Space to keep the bird up in the air and guide him through the columns that stand in his way. The look and feel of the game is very similar to Flappy Bird, as is the difficulty, although the developer has added an Easy Mode to make it a bit more playable.

Very simple to play but very hard

If you've played Flappy Bird, then you've got a head start but if you haven't, you'll find Flap Flap extremely hard to play. Like Flappy Bird, it's quite addictive but it doesn't quite have the same grip as the original. It's infuriating to keep hitting the columns time and time again and the timing of your taps is essential to have a clean run.

Close to Flappy Bird but not quite as good

Flap Flap is a very close imitation of Flappy Bird but it's not quite as good.

Flap Flap for Windows 10


Flap Flap for Windows 10

User reviews about Flap Flap for Windows 10

  • maya11

    by maya11

    "Not to addictive"

    Like flappy bird, but not addictive as flappy bird in gameplay.   More.

  • ranny999

    by ranny999

    "Design different obstacle"

    design a different thing as obstacle, not just a block os a obstacle.   More.

  • humley

    by humley

    "enemy that can throw and health"

    make an enemy that can throw something to the bird, make a health for the bird.   More.

  • pablo_07

    by pablo_07

    "level or enemy "

    I think this game would be better if they have level like angry bird, or an enemy.   More.

  • Andrew_01

    by Andrew_01

    "To much like flappy bird"

    Too much like flappy bird, there are many game like this, they make something different.   More.